Ten Tenths - A BMW Documentary Feature Film

Status: In production

We're still in production for "Ten Tenths". We have a few interviews and events left over to cover for 2014. Stay tuned as we add more behind-the-scenes photos as production continues and post-production rolls out.


Staying connected

To get the latest news on our BMW documentary feature film, please follow @1010film on Twitter or with the hashtag, "#1010film". You can also follow us on Facebook, and Instagram. We'll be posting news and photos of the film during its progress in production and post-production.


Film fund campaign

Our Kickstarter campaign will kick off soon and we would love to have you join the momentum! This is a grass roots independent feature film project. We have lots of really cool stuff for our crowd sourced campaign; details coming soon!

About the film

Ten Tenths Movie PosterExplore the intimate progress of a grassroots effort that transforms a perfectly functional BMW E46 M3 street car, into a full-fledged competition racecar, for the US Touring Car Championship Series. Be a part of the journey with the Performance Technic team as they progress through the racing stages and meet adversity head on. Will they overcome the obstacles set before them, or will the pressure be too much to handle?

As we journey through the story of this racing campaign, we also take a glimpse into the foundation that started it all; from club events, to autocrossing, to back road drive days, to the building of friendships rooted with one thing in common... BMW.

Please stay tuned for our upcoming trailer. Until then, here is a recent Ten Tenths teaser video we uploaded to YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo:

Latest News

We are actively seeking selected Executive Producers and company sponsorships. Contact us regarding these opportunities.


Marco on BMCCWhat originally started out as a commercial, developed into a documentary style short video, and ultimately evolved into the production of this independent documentary feature film. Principle project partners, Marco Solorio (pictured left) and Joe Gaffey (pictured right), realized that once the decision to transform Joe's BMW street car into a fully fitted competition racecar for the USTCC series became a reality, that the story behind it would be the foundation for the documentary film into grander form.

With principle photography started in December of 2012 for the short video, it was easy to segue into a much larger project since the original footage had already been shot in high quality format. Once the process of converting the BMW E46 M3 street car into a racecar had begun, production of the feature film has been on-going on a month-to-month basis.

Production will last through part of 2014, at which time post-production will officially begin to include editorial, motion graphics, grading, musical score, and final audio mix. The scheduled release date of Ten Tenths is 2014.